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Skills Required for Blockchain Developer

What are the skills required for blockchain developer? Blockchain development is one of the fastest-growing industries. Different companies are searching for blockchain designers to implement new implementations. They get ahead in the industry by advancing their existing systems.

Therefore to become a blockchain developer this time is best. When thinking about how one can become a blockchain developer at the start of this journey, one must first learn the basic programming skills of blockchain.

So who is the developer of blockchain? And what does a blockchain developer do? Does he have any special talent that he needs or needs to develop? This article will examine all of these issues in detail and help you get a clear picture.

Skills Required for Blockchain Developer

A Brief Overview of Blockchain Developers

Currently, blockchain applications are changing the world of technology. Blockchain developers take care of a lifetime of blockchain applications. This means that they are responsible for the research and implementation of the program.

These developers create system architectures, create smart contracts, and improve the protocols. As you can guess, they take on a lot of responsibilities and have to learn many blockchain skills.

Other professionals are also there who help blockchain developers in their responsibilities, for example, blockchain engineers. So the skills required for blockchain developers are a must to learn for a blockchain developer.

Types of Blockchain Programmers

There are two types of blockchain developers:

  • Blockchain software developer
  • Blockchain kernel (core) developer

Both are involved in the development of the blockchain, but their responsibilities are different. Let’s look at them to get a brief idea of ​​what these blockchain developers do.

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Software Developer of Blockchain

Blockchain programmers create applications based on blockchain architecture and protocols. Their applications also work in a blockchain. You can compare these developers to web designers who develop web applications by using web architect products (protocol and design).

These blockchain software developers create dApps. They are responsible for the user interface and support of dAapps. Blockchain programmers also oversee the stack that runs the decentralized applications (dApps).

Core Blockchain 

Blockchain developers focus on the design development of the blockchain system. These developers design their consensus protocol and make most of the necessary blockchain decisions. They oversee the network and design the same architecture. 

Developers of Blockchain core are also responsible for the security of their blockchain network.

Skills of Blockchain Developer 

As you may know, there are many responsibilities of a blockchain developer. To handle this task expertly, these developers must also have certain skills.

Below are the key skills of blockchain development you should have if you want to become a blockchain developer:


This is research on protocols that blocks unwanted persons from accessing your information. Encryption contains many important concepts that you should know when you need them during blockchain development.

For example, the cryptography of public-key is an important topic in a blockchain. This public-key cryptography forms the basis for transactions that one performs when using cryptocurrency.

You must have a wallet and keys to secure currency transactions. This key proves your ownership of your wallet, so it’s important. Store cryptocurrency transactions are performed by encrypting and decrypting private and public keys.

Cryptographic hashing is another important concept of cryptography. To produce an output of a certain length from an input of any length is referred to as hashing. The function of hashing can contain data with 20 or 200 characters, but the output would be only the length you select.

Of course, encryption is essential for blockchain to work properly. You need to learn about it and its different features. 

Smart Contract

Smart contracts become a popular concept in the blockchain industry since Ethereum entered the crypto market. Nearly every blockchain solution wants to utilize smart contracts. So you can see how effective this technique is.

Two parties can exchange services or goods through smart contracts without the need for an intermediary.

A good example of a smart contract is a vending machine. You make the payment, select the desired product, and get the product and the rest of the change. No third person is involved in this transaction because it just a vending machine and you.

The smart contract ends only if the parties involved in it fulfill their conditions. It is very efficient because the blockchain is distributed. This means smart contacts are watched by hundreds of users and because they work according to the IF-Then principle, there is a possibility of mistakes.

Smart contracts can be used in many different areas, such as construction, law, and many other areas. This can exclude intermediaries from the contract and help save resources and money.

To become a blockchain developer, you need to know smart contracts. This is one of the basic skills of a blockchain developer. Some languages, such as Chaincode and Viper, focus specifically on the development of smart contracts.

Data Structures

To become a blockchain developer, you must have a vast knowledge of data structures. This is because blockchain developers regularly work with different data structures. After all, they have to create and deploy networks.

The whole network of blockchain consists of data structures because the block is also a certain type of data structure. A block groups public accounting transactions because it is a data structure of a repository, whereas blockchain is the public ledger. 

The block also contains a header, and the first is about 10,000 times larger than the second. As you know, in a blockchain data structures are a fundamental concept. To effectively understand blockchain technology, you need to master this topic.

The data learning structure ensures that you know the fundamentals of blockchain. With a solid foundation, you will understand more advanced concepts faster. We already discuss encryption; you use both techniques to create secure, useful, and reliable solutions.

Blockchain Architecture

You need to know the architecture of the blockchain if you want to become a blockchain developer. What a ledger means in a blockchain you should know this. You should also know how smart contracts work, and what the consensus is.

There are three types of blockchain architecture; they are:

Consortium Architecture

The architecture of the consortium is not fully decentralized. In Consortium the members of the group have a power of attorney. In these cases, the group consists of several organizations. A stellar example of such architectures is the Energy Web Foundation.

Private Architecture

Only a few people are part of the system in private blockchain architecture. This is a popular application in organizations. The famous examples of such architecture are Sawtooth and Fabric. Another quality of private architecture is that they are not decentralized. 

Public Architecture

This architecture of blockchain is a decentralized type of architecture. In public architecture, one can become part of the network by making transactions or by mining. The best-known example of public blockchain architecture is Bitcoin, which you may have heard of.

To explore this topic you should read the Bitcoin whitepaper on the blockchain. It takes a little effort, but be sure it’s worth it since you explore all the basic and advanced concepts.

Development of Web

In most cases as a blockchain developer, you develop web applications. Studying web development introduces you to all its aspects, and with this knowledge, you can create powerful web applications that use blockchain technology.

You need to learn web design, application development, and programming to help you develop better Dapp programs.

Web development is crucial because most organizations require blockchain developers to create applications that can be used by people with little or no knowledge of blockchain. Extensive design experience will help you a lot in this regard.

Languages you should know

In addition to the topics we cover above, the study of some programming languages is also worth considering. Among beginners, a common question is, “What languages do I need to learn to become a blockchain developer?”

Here are the main languages you should learn as part of your literacy skills:


Because of many features, Java is popular among blockchain developers. Java is easy to learn, but it can develop many complex solutions. A popular Java-based cryptocurrency is NEM.

Java has 9 million-plus developers as part of the community. Besides, it has been involved in the industry since 1995. So the Java is among the skills required for blockchain developer.

C ++

Among blockchain developers, C ++ is a popular language. You can use it to perform many blockchain-related tasks. To create Bitcoin kernel the creators used C++ language, therefore C++ is a must for any pursuing blockchain developer.


This is one of the most liked programming languages on the earth. Python is versatile and thanks to its various libraries you can use it for  front-end and back-end development. Therefore, you should also become familiar with Python.

Python has a 4 million-plus significant community of developers. Such a prosperous and supportive community can help you with many doubts and problems.


Now would be the time to board a blockchain train to become a blockchain developer. You must know the skills required for blockchain developer because many companies have gone through a testing phase and now they started using only blockchain technology. 

IBM, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft like, companies have started using blockchains technology. And many companies are also starting to follow the footsteps of these companies.

To become a blockchain expert is now much easier because you will find a lot of learning materials that you can find on the internet. To get into blockchain development this is the right time now.

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