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Top Ten Cloud Mining Sites: Cloud Mining

Top Ten Cloud Mining Sites: A mechanism to mine cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc with the help of cloud computing power which you can take on rent is called cloud mining. In cloud computing, there is no need to directly install and run hardware and related software.

Companies that provide cloud computing allow interested persons to remotely open an account to take part in the cloud mining process for a certain amount (basic cost). This mechanism of mining cryptocurrency makes crypto mining accessible to a large number of people around the world.

As this type of mining is done through the cloud, a user did not have to worry about the issues like equipment maintenance, direct electricity costs to run the equipment, etc. 

Persons who take part in cloud mining become members of a mining pool, where they buy a certain amount of hashing power. Each member will receive an equal share of the profit according to the hashing power he has rented.

Top Ten Cloud Mining Sites:  


Hashflare is one of the top ten cloud mining sites which start its services to its customers around 2015. The company has grown very fast since then. At present, the site has about one million visitors every month. 

Hashflare offers cloud mining contracts, and five different cryptocurrencies can be mined by users which are bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and dash. Different pool mining solutions are available in Hashflare. A user has a choice to decide his own customize pool based on his preferences and hashrate.   

A user will get the profit according to his hashrate. A good thing is that users did not need a big investment to start mining via Hashflare. Through different payment options, the payouts are transparent. Real-time mining statistics are offered by the site through which a user can easily track the profits he has made

IQ Mining

Based in Europe IQ Mining cloud mining company starts its services in late 2016. The company facilitates people to join in cryptocurrency cloud mining by providing remote equipment i.e. hardware and software needed for cloud mining. The cloud mining company within a short period it achieved about 50,000 users. Customers of the company also gave positive views about the company.  

Depending upon a customer’s investment and needs IQ Mining provides three different packages which are:

  • Gold Plan
  • Silver Plan
  • Bronze Plan

Many different types of crypto coins are available there from which you can choose to mine a particular coin of your choice. No subscription fee is required and one can register on the site for free. To reduce the risk smart contracts are also available.

With a user-friendly interface, the company provides four major languages i.e. French, Spanish, Russian, and English. So different speaking language people can get good support.  

Genesis Mining

The genesis mining company was founded in 2013. The company provides bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Zcash cloud mining, and is one of the largest cloud mining platforms. By providing easy investment options the company gains a reputation in the crypto mining market. 

In terms of hash power, the company is the biggest provider of hash power for mining bitcoin and altcoins. The company provides mining facilities to more than two million customers around the globe.  

Both bitcoin and altcoin mining is provided by the site, and at the same time, a user can mine different crypto coins by using hash power which he purchased from the company. For example to diversify investment risks a user can mine different cryptocurrencies. 

Various price options are provided by the company which depends upon hashing power and the type of coin a user wants to mine. Genesis mining is more expensive than other cloud mining platforms; however, the support and experience they provided are very good.  

Crypto Universe

Crypto universe cloud mining site come into existence in 2017. To provide good mining services the crypto universe team consists of specialist IT experts and engineers. The data center of the company is in Siberia Russia where the cost of electricity is as low as $0.054kw/h.The low cost means that the clients can purchase their services at cheap rates.

A user can choose between six packages options which the company provides. These packages are consisting of different rates and hash rate. All types of customers i.e. beginners and professional miners can avail of these planes, this is the reason the crypto universe is considered a cloud miner provider for every stage miner. A user can track the statistics and balance just by logging into his account.  

They provide a user-friendly interface. Customers can benefit from the various cryptocurrency affiliate programs which are available there. For registering on the site the registration process is simple. The two-step authentication method is followed for better security. So among the top ten cloud mining sites, the crypto universe is one of them.

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Hashing24 crypto cloud mining company is based in the UK, Ukraine, and Thailand, and was created in 2012 for those who want to benefit from the mining resources. In contrast to other mining platforms, it provides unlimited contracts for its users to invest in.

The company has offices in different cities around the world which makes it a safe option for investing in cryptos because if a law comes against cryptocurrency in one city they can move to other cities where they have also money to carry on. 

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Also, the registration process is easy Facebook, and Google account linking is allowed but users have to create a PIN-code for safety purposes as the company is very concerned about security.

Clients at present can mine only in bitcoin and withdraw the amount every day. Customers can mine by creating their own planes and packages and invest only the amounts they choose. Because the customers pay a little amount for expenses and other facilities they can be a good choice for novices or for those who have little experience in crypto mining.


Eobot was launched in 2013 in the USA. It is a cloud mining service and also a crypto exchange. You can use this service in a web browser as well as on android and iOS platforms. Among the top ten cloud mining sites, Eobot is a good crypto mining platform that is very cautious about the security of the user’s information and savings. When anyone registered on Eobot the site alerts the users through notifications about login and other details. 

There are more than two million users on Eobot and among these users, thousands are daily active users. The facility of real-time trading is provided by the platform through several digital assets. The company provides modern cloud mining services for its clients through a wide range of tools. 

Eobot is very careful in its contracts between companies and users. Contracts can vary from one day or 10 years. If you are trying cloud mining for the first time, Eobot is a good place to start because of its user-friendly interface and descriptive guide for the customers. Less than $ 10 can be invested in mining is amazing for beginners. 

For calculating earnings the website provides a calculator to calculate these earnings. Transfer earnings directly into a bank account are not available with Eobot but it is not a problem nowadays when there are PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

NuVoo Mining

This cloud mining company is based in Canada and was found in 2016. Nuvoo provides support to its customers through Email; they provide English and French languages on their website.  The website interface is easy to navigate and most of the information is available on the website’s home page.

For registering a new user the site needs the name and contact information of the user just like any other mining site. A social media account like Facebook or Twitter can also be used by a customer for registration.

Four mining packages are provided by the platform with different power and contract pricing. All charges are includes in the packages taken and there are no additional or hidden charges from the company. At Nuvoo power rating for the starter mining contract is 15TH/s and the duration of the contract is one and a half years. $0.05/1TH/s is daily fees. 

They make it easy for the investors to select them by making the processes transparent and provide a facility for the user to monitor all processes through webcams. A user can mine bitcoin and Zcash crypto coins viz the Nuvoo.

Quebec and Canada are the locations where they have data centers electricity there is generated through eco-friendly power stations, Nuvoo does not charge any fee from the customers for electricity. So comparing to other mining platforms charges are low at Nuvoo.


Minergate allows its users to download and run the mining software on any computer system to start mining instantly. The company was started in 2014 with the aim of public mining pools for those who are interested in crypto cloud mining.

Minergate provides an easy user-interface for the clients even the newbie can easily understand mining through their PCs. Also, they provide a mobile app, for its customers for making things easily accessible.

Through Minergate cloud mining, a user can mine many crypto coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and several others. They also make sure that a user should have access to all information like profits and costs.  The maintenance fees of the Minergate vary from 1% to 1.5%.


Shamining is a United Kingdom-based cloud mining company. It has its mining farms in London, San Joe, and Capetown. The company is one of the best mining platforms for miners who have minimal knowledge about the cryptocurrency mining process.

The mining website has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and understand. Anyone having at least $100 can start mining on the Shamining platform.  Customer support is available 24/7. Since 2018 the company has a community of more than 8000 cryptocurrency investors.

The site has a built-in investment calculator which is another useful feature of this site.

CPU, GPU, ASCI, and Individual contracts are the four different contracts that shamining offers. 

Maintenance fees of CPU contract are $0.018 per GH/S and it provides 23580 GH/S in 0.120/GH/S

The maintenance fees of the GPU contract are $0.0106/GH/S. It provides the power of 94340 GH/S in $0.0113/GH/S

In ASCI contract maintenance fees is $0.0104/GH/S. It provides the power of 235849 GH/S in $0.109 GH/S

As we know that high power systems for crypto mining provide high profitability. If a user has difficulty to understand which contract he should go for the 24×7 customer support at their service can help them.  You can get a 37% bonus on bitcoin mining on Shamining on your first investment.


Founded by Bitmain 1n 2013 Hashnest is one of the primary cloud mining service providers. The company has more than 400,000 users around the world. The mining platform has different types of miners installed such as Antminer S17, S15, Z11, Whatsminer M21S, etc.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Dash are the crypt coins that you can mine at present, in the future, they will provide support to mining more types of cryptocurrencies.

Cloud mining contracts at Hashnest can last for a lifetime or as long as the crypto market persists. This is very advantageous especially for those users who want to mine cryptos throughout life. Users on Hashnest can buy or sell hash power easily it another distinctive feature of the company. So Hashnest is among the top ten cloud mining sites on this list.


Mining cryptocurrency through cloud mining becomes the top trend at present because of the reason that cloud mining makes crypto mining easy without purchasing costly hardware and software for mining. You do not need to purchase and install hardware and software to mine cryptos through cloud mining. 

In cloud mining, you do not need to worry about equipment maintenance, electricity charges, and space for the installation of the equipment. You only need to pay the cloud mining provider a certain amount of money for hashing power to start mining your desired cryptocurrency. 

For cloud mining, one should choose a good mining company as there are several scam cloud companies in the market. The above-mentioned companies are the top ten cloud mining sites in the market. So you can mine a crypto coin through cloud mining without investing a heavy amount to purchase equipment for mining. 


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