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Where Can You Buy Doge Coin – DogeCoin Buying

Can you buy Doge Coin with faith currencies? Where can you buy Dogecoin? Dogecoin was created by software engineers Bill Markus and Jackson Palmer as a joke in 2013. It was never intended as a successful cryptocurrency.

The creation of the dogecoin was inspired by a trendy dog meme, and therefore has long been used and traded as a joke.

Cryptocurrency has recently become popular among technology giants, influencing social media, and industry leaders. Eon Musk is considered one of the strongest supporters of dogecoin, tweeted on his Twitter handle “Dogecoin is people’s crypto.” This tweet from Musk increased its value by 75%.

On selected platforms, Dogecoin can be exchanged for products and services. It is also possible to exchange fiat currencies with doge coins such as the US dollar. Below are some of the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy DogeCoin with faith currency.

Where Can You Buy Doge Coin

How to Purchase Doge Coin? 

The most convenient ways to buy doge coins are through cryptocurrency exchanges. These crypto exchanges provide a platform for anyone worldwide to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin including Dogecoin.

Binance, Robinhood, Bitfinex, CoinDCX, WazirX, Kraken, BuyUcoin, CoinSwitch are among the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy DogeCoin. If you buy DogeCoin from these platforms you will need a dogecoin wallet to store your doge coins. You can download a wallet from the official websites of these platforms.

You can also download other wallets like Atomic wallet, Freewallet, Exodus, or you can download it from, and transfer your coins into it. It is necessary that you should have a wallet to store your Doge Coins.

For those who want to earn free Doge Coins, a good option is several faucets and websites that are giving small amounts of Doge Coins to their visitors. From these faucets and websites, you can earn Doge Coins every 2 or 3 hours by completing a captcha code and clicking on a button.  

Also, you can mine DogeCoin if you are an advanced crypto user and have a piece of powerful mining equipment. You can receive Doge Coins as payment by processing other DogeCoin transactions. 

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Where Can You Buy Doge Coin in India?

In India, there are several ways to finance a DOGE purchase. Currently, it is possible to purchase Dogecoin by paying by credit or debit card, multiple e-wallets, and bank transfer. As you know you will also need a hardware or software wallet to store purchased Doge Coins.

Crypto exchange WazirX which is an Indian exchange provides the DOGE/INR pair, DOGE/Tether (USDT) pair, and DOGE/WazirX (WRX) pairs. At the time of publishing, this article one DogeCoin on WazirX exchange was being sold at INR 27.0000 (0.3300000 USD). And the WazirX token was trading at INR 104.00 (1.31982 USD).

Besides, in India crypto exchanges like BuyUCoin and CoinSwitch also provide DogeCoin for trading. On BuyUcoin one Doge was being sold at INR 20.50 at the time of the writing of this article. So you can buy Doge Coin from these exchanges. 

Another option for Indian crypto investors to buy Doge is to use stable coins like USDT or USD Coin (USDC) or Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies to finance their Dogecoin purchases with international exchanges like Bittrex Global, Binance, or Poloniex.

Buying Doge Coin in the US

If you are living in the US and want to buy some Doge Coins you can buy from Binance cryptocurrency exchange which is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform. The exchange supports more than two hundred (200) cryptocurrencies.

You can trade on Binance worldwide it allows users to purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies including Doge.  

First, you need to register on Binance and then click on the buy button on the top navigation bar of the website, choose the payment method, and start trading your favorite crypto including Doge.  

Another crypto exchange where you can buy DogeCoin in the US is the Kraken exchange. This is the US exchange was founded in 2011. You can deposit funds at Kraken through a credit card or bank transfer. European users can take advantage of fast and free International Payment Service (SEPA) deposits.

Once you deposit money in your account you can purchase DogeCoin easily by clicking the buy crypto tab in the top navigation bar of the website.

Remember that Kraken users XDG symbol for DogeCoin, not the DOGE symbol which is broadly accepted in most crypto exchanges. 

You can also buy DogeCoin worldwide through Bitpanda. This cryptocurrency exchange was started in October 2014 and is an Austrian crypto exchange. Bitpanda facilitates EU residents and some other counties to trade in cryptocurrencies including DogeCoin through various payment methods like SEPA, Neteller, and Skrill. 

$ 3050 is the daily limit and $ 3, 66,000 is the monthly limit for a verified account to purchase through a credit card. The daily limit for other payment options is $ 12, 200 and monthly $ 3, 66, 000. 


In December 2013 Billy Markus a programmer of Poland created DogeCoin. Originally it was introduced as a joke cryptocurrency, but gained a lot of traction online and is now very popular crypto. The original plan was to limit Dogecoin to 100 billion coins.

But later it was decided that there will be an unlimited number of Doge coins. One of the Doge Coin’s greatest strengths lies in its vibrant community, which has invested a lot of money in it. What do you think of Dogecoin?


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Consult your financial advisor before deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies as these are highly volatile and carry a great risk of losing your funds.

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